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Ok, I swear, we are still active.

Forums are kinda dead, but the chat channel still exists.
Due to no longer identifying as plural, I have withdrawn from this community, and am handing over control to Rhymershouse and Natalie. I am... sorry.


This is an addendum to this post The rocketmail email given there no longer applies. The new email is pluralityIRC@gmail.com so any issues in chat should be sent there.

Please ALL Read

There has been some concern and dispute recently on the role of SOPs, OPs and HOPs. Hopefully this will help clear it up:

A SOP should be a very active member known and respected by the majority of the chat. They should be able and willing to give a large amount of time to the chat, and to discussing "business". If there is an incident resulting in a kick or ban, and there is a SOP present, it should be done by them. SOPs have autonomy.

An OP should be willing to donate as much time as is possible, often a large amount, to the chat. They should be able to avoid being in arguments, and should be willing to stop arguments if they happen. They should be able to resolve incidents using whatever chanserv feature they find necessary.

HOP: A HOP should be a trusted and respected member of the chat who can avoid being in disagreements, as well as be willing to attempt to resolve them. If it is necessary, they are authorised to kick or ban members as needed. If this is done, they should email logs to plurality@rocketmail.com


The Chatroom

Our chatroom can be found here:

Rule One

If you have multiple accounts for the group, please sign each post with the group name as well as individual name, so we can keep track of who is in what group

Rule Two

Please mark any topics containing adult content "NSFW" (not safe for work) and put them behind a cut

Rule Three

There will be NO discrimination of any members of this forum based on plural status. Plurals, medians and interested singlets are all welcome. We would ask all members of this forum to be courteous in regards to each others plural status, and that remarks making a system unwelcome by indication of their plural status will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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